My name is MAIC

I am a hotel solution that helps you manage your hotel more efficient and provides your guests a 24/7 access to all your services and information. My name stands for the following.


Your tasks, workflow and inhouse guest and hotel staff communication all in one place.


Your guests, your staff and yourself with profine data that supports you with your decisions.


Keep your guests always up-to-date with all the latest information and services.


Via given tools and have full overview over the whole operation from wherever you are.

My Solutions


Redefine communication with a unique fusion of nature and technology

MAIC Operations

Structures your workflow and guest communication in one place

MAIC Concierge

Virtual hotel receptionist at your service 24/7


A unique product that is a blend of nature and technology created exclusively for the hotel industry. His main task is to be a mediator in communication between the guest and the hotel. Timeless design and a unique notion that nature adds makes each cube unique.

If you ask yourself why we don’t show such a beautiful device, the answer is simple. We want your guests to experience the WOW effect in your hotel room and not on this page or any other medium.


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MAIC Operations

The complete system unifies and structures the hotel’s communication between the staff, the guest and the hotel itself, making it faster and more efficient. This helps to disburden the hotels Reception Desk which has been the main hub of guest and staff requests, and yet it provides them insight into all activities.

It provides you an insight into your employees performance and measures it. Gives you detailed overview for each room, how many repairs have been made, how often does the Housekeeping bring an extra accessory and much more. Manage your daily tasks with ease and let the system do the rest, doing the same lists twice is part of the past. Bring your workflow to a new level with MAIC Operations.

Mobile app for hotel staff

Extension of the operating system whose task is to provide hotel staff with their tasks created by managers or requests sent by guests. It’s simple design makes it easy to use even for those who are not technically affiliated.

Nothing is left forgotten, every task needs to be accepted and afterwards classified as done when finished. Publish tasks for days ahead and tell MAIC Operations to publish it to your team in desired time. Make daily, monthly or annual Checklists and let the system do the repeating. Each task is documented and archived for later analytics.


Attractive guest interface with its simple and intuitive design allows guests quick access to hotel services and amenities 24/7. This allows hotel to sell its services when the guest feels the need for it. 

Selling your services made easy, MAIC is your in-house Sales Manager. Change your prices, add new products and services or deactivate old ones in matter of seconds in all rooms. Each room has its own Concierge who places orders on behalf of your guest, therefore personal guest data is not required. 



Ordering made easier then ever before. Keep your offer up to date with one click in all your rooms, and much more.


Make your massages bookable 24/7 from every room. Save time, earn more!


Postpone room cleaning for next 24h. Save time, resources and help our planet!


Allow your guests a much easier access to your services. Order room accessories now with in two clicks.


Enable your guests a inovative and easy way to report room mailfunctions.

” The proper use of technology is not to conquer nature, but to elevate ourselves into becoming a part of it. 

How does MAIC elevate your rooms?

By making them

ECO Friendly

Everything you would print on paper, can be shown over the cube, your menus, hotel information, local tourist information and a lot more. Effectively saves time, resources and money.


Elevate your rooms to a new level. Make them more responsive to your guest needs by making your information and services available to them 24/7.

More Efficient

Structure and analyze your whole operation now easier then ever, each room individually or hotel as a whole. Make your business more efficient and perform better with less effort.


We are a young IT company dedicated exclusively to the digitization and optimization of hotel operations and guest communication

Our team consists of hotel-experienced colleagues from all sectors who have gained experience throughout Europe and software developers who have already provided innovative solutions in other industrial sectors with SAP procedures and machine learning. From the above-mentioned fusion of hotel know-how and the latest technological possibilities, emerged a unique product that can not be compared to any other on the market at the moment.

Our mission is to make hotel industry more efficient and eco-friendly, but at the same time raise global awareness of the importance to use our resources more responsibly. Every paper that is not being printed save resources and helps our planet to stay healthy.

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